I’m so excited to involve you in what I expect to be a very empowering project! You may not be an Artist. And you may not see yourseLos Angeles City Hall 2020 Sketchlf as an Advocate. But, unless you’re an Actor, a Pro Athlete, a Person of Affluence, or you’ve been Elected to Office, you’re probably not being heard.

Here’s your chance to change that! Through the combined paint impressions of extraordinary “average” individuals, like you and me — hopefully supported by some of the fortunate individuals listed above — we can each make a lasting Impression on America, so big that it can’t be ignored!

Although this massive exhibit will be very much focussed on the combined Paint Impressions of Women, and Women’s Solidarity, there is a lot of room for EVERYONE who supports those objectives. And, although I do plan on crowdfunding, to help cover costs, NO ONE will ever have to pay anything to make their Impression! No particular skills are needed, and it only takes a couple minutes to make your Impression.

If you’re interested in making your impression on America, please enter your email address below so I can let you know when and where you can get involved.